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Repair a washing machine that is not spinning 31 Jan 2014

There are a number of reasons why your washing machine will not spin, many of them sadly are user generated errors that will often incur a charge to repair, even under warranty.

Blocked Washing Machine Filter

If your washing machine or washer dryer doesnít spin the first thing to check is the filter if the machine has one. Blocked filters are the most common cause of not spinning, often accompanied by its bedfellow fault, not draining.

Washing Machine Spin Out Of Balance Detection

This is the most common reason for a complaint of not spinning on a washer or washer dryer that we get. In fact itís almost a daily occurrence, especially when the appliance is still under warranty. What happens is that the electronics in the washer detect an abnormal load and it will then abort the spin cycle, or at least it will not reach its top spin speed.

Washing Machine Doesnít Drain, So Will Not Spin

If your washing machine will not drain the water out then it will not spin. If you look inside the washing machine drum, through the door glass, you will often see water in the drum which means it could be a blocked filter, go back to the first section here if that is the case.

Faulty Washing Machine

There are faults that can cause a washing machine not to spin asides from the points above which you may be able to resolve on your own but my advice would have to be to call an engineer if you are unsure after checking the points made above. This one fault can be caused by electronic control modules, motors, motor tachos, capacitors, pumps as well as a few other things besides and, almost every machine is different so itís not always easy to diagnose the fault remotely.

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